Natural Spring water in a 100% recycled bottle. Taste Green Planet and you will see why it's the best spring water in the country.

Our 100% recycled plastic bottle

You may not know this but most beverage bottles today don’t contain any recycled content (plastic). The few that do might use 8,10, maybe 25%. That’s so much different than paper products like cups, napkins and copy paper where using recycled content is pretty normal…and much appreciated and applauded by consumers.

So, why doesn’t this happen in the beverage business? Well, the resin is more expensive and there’s less of it to use. However, Green Planet thinks differently. The bottles used for Green Planet natural spring water are the most eco-friendly bottles made in the marketplace today. We make them from 100% recycled plastic (rPET), not a partial percentage (just to say we use some). The environmental benefits are great, too. By using 100% rPET resin we emit 65% less CO2 in production than the production of typical plastic water bottles. And when you recycle our Green Planet bottle, or any plastic bottle, we might just be using that recycled content in one of bottles in the future! How cool is that! So thanks for doing your part. Our 100% rPET bottle is also BPA-Free which is another greenhouse gas saver and assures safe, refreshing drinking water. We take our mission seriously and continually strive to bring to market the most innovative and environmentally friendly bottled water we can….from the inside out.